The third year students wrote about Bunkyo-ward the eighth junior high school life in English.
Please read them and experience our school life even though they might be very short and have some mistakes.

1.The field day
2.The chorus contest
3.The school trip to Yatsugatake
4.The graduation trip
5.The volunteer activities
6.The working experience
7.The international understanding class
8.The student council
9.The baseball club
10.The tennis club
11.The volleyball club
12.The table tennis club
13.The brassband club
14.The illustraion club

1.The field day
We have a field day in June every year.
Everyone is expecting it to be a lot of fun.
There are many events on that day.
For example, 100-meters-dash, 600-meter-relay, 1500-meter-run and many more.
Our school specialties are "all girls' dancing" and "all boys' field gymnastics".
The girls dancing is very beautiful !!!
And the boys' gymnastics are very very difficult.
Gymnastics are performend under the burning red Sun.
They challenged to perform the animal trick "the 4 storied tower".
They succeeded in performing and and recieved a lot of applause this year too.

2.The chorus contest
All the students have the chorus contest every November.
They sing two songs.
One is a free song.
The other is a set piece.
The third year students challenge a capella this year for the first time at school.
They practice singing the songs very hard every day.
And the gold the silver and the bronze will be decided.
Other classes can get a certificate of merit.
The chorus contest is a very pleasant event.
Please come to listen to our songs at Bunkyo 8th school.

3.The school trip to Yatsugatake
The second year students of Bunkyo the eighth junior high school go to Mt Yatugatake every year.
They stay there for four days.
They enjoy making ice cream breathing delicious air.
Also they get very tired of hiking. 
Scenery and air are wonderful.
So hiking is a lot of fun.
Mount Yatugatake has such a charm that they will never forget it.
It will be the only treasure in thier life time.

4.The graduation trip to Kyoto and Nara
The third year students go to Nara and Kyoto in May or June every year.
When they visit Nara park, they saw Daibutsu, the Great Buddha and many deer.
They also visit many temples in Kyoto and Nara.
In Yakushi-ji temple in Nara a priest talk to us an interesting story.
They enjoy listening to him.
His story is as interesting as funny.
They draw a picture on Kiyomizuyaki china in the hotel at night. 
They all want to go to Nara and Kyoto again.

5.The volunteer activities
The first year students do volunteer work in general study in July.
They do volunteer work at nursing homes, day care centers, or kindergatens all day long.
At kindergatens they work with teachers.
For example, they play with children, read books, and perform a sliding paper picture show.
The teacher plays the piano and they sing.
At nursing homes they work with helpers.
For example, they make tea, speak with old people, hear about war, and so on.
They usually have few chances to play with little child and to talk with old people.
So they have very good experiences through the volunnteer activities.

6.The working experience
When we are in the second year, we have work experience in July.
We choose a work place that we want to work at.
After choosing , we go and greet at the boss.
And we learn how towork there.
We work as hard as possible.
After working , we tell about our experience to other students.
We tell the history of the place of work and how to work , too.
We tell them that working is important and difficult .
We have a good time working .

7.The International Understanding Class
Students from foreign countries visit our school.
We comunicate with them. 
The second year students welcomed the Korean student and Pakistan student in our class last year.
We call it Kokusai koryu class
For example, we play quizes with them and dance with them. 
It was a lot of fun for us to play games.
They taught us about the culture and the custom of their countrirs.
This year the third year students went around our school area with them.
We have few chances to talk with foreign people if we don't have these classes. 
We hope this event will be useful for all the students in the future.
This event is very essential for all the students.

8.The Student council
There are 6 members in the student council.
We are a good team.
Every month we publish the newspepar named "STS".
This means that you can know much about the sutdent council if we write it in English. 
By the way we clean around our town in the morning every Friday.
Some sutdents come and help us even thoush because it is early in the morning .
We want more students to come to it.
We are working very hard.
But we are happy to clean our town and be useful. 

9.The baseball club
We practice baseball 5 times a week.
We play baseball every day when we go to school.
And we play baseball games on Saturday or Sundays.
But thanks to it,we won the first prize in the baseball tournament of Bunkyo-ku.
When the members from the 3rd graders retire, there will be 12 members in the baseball club.
They are holding out for their goal.
And they also won the champion ship in Bunkyo-ku in August.
They want to win the champion ship in Tokyo.
It is very difficult.
But I think they can do it.
I drean of this baseball club being famous one day.

10.The tennis club
There are five girls and four boys in the tennis ciub.
We practice Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday.
We usually practice from four to six.
We practice hard.
The girls won the first prize last year.
The boys won the second and the third prize last year.
We have three traditions.
The first is greeting.
It is said that the tennis club began to greet loudly.
The second is the voice.
We practice with long voice.
The third is cooperation.
We are very good club members.
So we are very strong.

11.The volleyball club
There are 8 girls in the volleyball club.
There are no boys.
The adviser is Mr Tamura.
He plays volleyball very well.
We practice on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
We practice very hard to be good players.
All members are very friendlly.
So training is very hard but we enjoy playing it. 

12.The table tennis club
There are 14 boys in the table tennis club.
There are no girls.
The advisers are Mr Fujisaki, Mr Murakoshi, and Ms Nakamatsu.
Mr Fujisaki and Mr Murakoshi play table tennis very well.
We play on Tuesday and Thursday.
We practice very hard to be good players.
And we won the third prize in the competition of Bunkyo-ku last August.
All members are very friendly.
So training is very hard but we enjoy playing it.

13.The brassband club
There are just 10membars in the club.
All members are very friendly.
We plactice on Monday, Wensday and Friday.
We play many kinds of music. 
To practice is not hard. 
We could not enter the contest last year.
Because there weren't enough members last year.
But we could get the bronze prize at the brassband contest in Tokyo.
We are going to do our best for the scool festival.
Thank you for reading.

14.The Illustation club 
There are 11 girls and 3 boys in the illustration club.
All members are very friendly.
The advisers are Ms Omura and Ms Kujirai.
They are very kind.
We like drawing and painting pictures.
We have the club activities on Friday.
Our school festival is held in November every year.
We display many of our pieces in the room on that day.
Some people admire them a lot when they see them.
So we are very pleased to hear that.
We all enjoy drawing and painting pictures very much.

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